Review: The Looking Glass Wars

Title: The Looking Glass Wars
Author: Frank Beddor
About: Its about Alyss Hart’s fight with her evil Aunt Redd. The wonderland went from white magic (good) to black magic (bad) after the the queen gets killed by her sister Redd. Alyss’ imagination is so much stronger than others. Imagination can come alive. But after escaping wonderland and entering another world aka Earth, she starts loosing the strength of imagination. Hatter (the body guard) has to find Alyss and return to wonderland to finish and win the war. but will she?
Why you should read it: Its just really good and its based off Alice in Wonderland! Who doesn’t like Alice? Its also based off Through the Looking Glass. Frank Beddor does an amazing job in capturing people’s attention and keeping their attention. He’s such an amazing author!
Rating: 10
Others: This is a trilogy!!! So if you like it, there’s two more after this book.


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