Review: Across the Universe

Title: Across the Universe
Author: Beth Revis
About: Amy Martin and her family leave Earth on a spaceship Godspeed, frozen to be a part of a research team that is going to colonize on Centuari-Earth. Another Earth like planet. After many centuries later, Amy is unfrozen on the ship. Too early. And she’s different from everyone on board. All shipborn. And one earthborn. How will she survive?

Elder is the to-be leader of Godspeed‘s next generation. But as Elder, he knows that Godspeed is slowly breaking down. Eldest (leader) controls the people by mass distributating a drug in water just like the many before him. How will Elder be a better leader?

Amy and Elder might work together, but will they ever find a way to get to Centuari-Earth after finding clues being left behind.

Hope you guys actually try this book. It’s science fiction and takes place in the future, taking a problem of overpopulation into hand. This is a series. 2nd book: A Million Suns ; 3rd book: Shades of Earth


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