The most popular drama on CBS is NCIS….Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
This show is my life. I started watching it 2 years ago and I fell in love. So I did what anyone would do, I went to my local library and rented the 1st season. I watched it. 2nd season, watched it. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and then finally the 10th season. I’m so devoted and slightly obsessed that I have watched every single episode in order.
On Sept. 24th the new season premier was on. Now, I knew beforehand that Cote de Pablo had decided that she didn’t want to be in NCIS anymore, after 8 years of amazing acting and suspending Tiva ship lovers on the edge if their seat, she didn’t want to do it anymore. Well anyway, the 11th season premier was on and I literally cried. You know why? Because stupid, freakin’ CBS decided oh no, we wont have Ziva shown in the FIRST FREAKING EPISODE!! I for one didn’t understand. So I waited a week….a fudging WEEK! To see Ziva finally admit that she loves Tony, for Tony to finally kiss her. 8 YEARS….AND WHEN THEY (CBS) FINALLY SHOWED IT, THEY FLIPPING RUINED IT! The episode spoiler basically showed all the parts Ziva was in, THE KISS was a 2 second kiss and just left on the plane. Follow my heart my butt. Ziva would’ve gone home with Tony if she “followed” her heart. I’m, yeah, I understand she had to go. But I mean seriously?
CBS, you had one job. One job to make Ziva’s Farewell an AMAZING, FANTASTIC, OUT OF THE BALL PARK, ending for her….This episode sucked. Oh yeah, I found Fornell being shot in his butt hilarious. Oh yes, I cried my eyes out….my face was red and my eyes were puffy. I did NOT look pretty.

So all I’m saying is CBS should’ve,  could’ve done better. And that I will sincerely miss Ziva. I do hope Cote will guest star at least once in the near seasons….if thiss isn’t the last…..idk. I hope Cote gets to do what she wanted to do by leaving NCIS even though I know she loves being Ziva. She wanted more in her life I guess…to be married? Have kids? I don’t know, but I respect her.

So yeah…its 11:44 pm rn so imma go to sleep


4 thoughts on “NCIS

  1. My family love NCIS, season 11 hasn’t been shown here in the UK yet so there are plenty of excited conversations about what the next series will hold. Now I know, I might start annoying them with the old ‘I know something you don’t know’.

      1. No not yet, not sure when it’s due out here. I’ve never understood why they don’t show them everywhere at the same time.

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