Schooools out.For.The.Summerrrrr

Isnt that a song or something?
Anyway, yesterday was my last day of finals so my summer technically started yesterday at like 10:20ish but today is my first FULL day of summer!
If you look at my past blog post about freaking out about an AP class, it turned out better than I thought. My class was so fun and even though I got Cs for 2 quarter grades, my overall grade for the year was a B!

I auditioned for sinfonia (advanced orchestra) againand not to worry, I made it again so all is well!

I believe im going to Texas sometime in July, visiting a family friend.

So things I did during the long months I didnt post.
-took AP world history exam
-went to see Against The Current in the Sink or Swim tour
-took world history SAT subject test
it was so awful
those are just the big things
Heres a pic of Chrissy Costanza, the lead singer in ATC


Hope you guys have a wonderful summer!

Ps-im going to delete this app from my phone so my uploads will be from the computer from now on


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