new phone many troubles // update

I finally got a new phone and its a HTC windows 8 phone and its great but the problem is its apps. Windows store just doesn’t seem to have the fully updated apps that are available for IOS and Android. I used Android before so this is gonna be hard and maybe frustrating to get used to.

Now that I had gotten my new phone I thought it’d be nice to start blogging again and to add the WP app…and then I hit into a wall…its app isn’t in the store and the other apps are either badly rated or I need to pay. I’m kinda sad but you know what. I don’t mind because I still have internet and that’s how I’m writing this right now. I probably won’t have any pictures but oh well.

Anyway…i have recently taken drivers ed and I will take my temps test sometime this month I hope. School started on the…19th(?) of August and I have started my Sophomore Year of high school! Woohoo! My teachers are okay, kids in my class are ehh but I’m an office runner and its great. I’m really into plaid shirts right now and high waisted pants/shorts. My older sister left for college on the 12th of August so yeah. She’s gone. But she slept over last night for a visit. Stole some really cute clothes from my mom….and yeah…



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