Feels like Spring

So first off i would like to say that it reached 81 degrees (Fahrenheit) and it is glorious, even if tomorrows weather states it’ll be back in the high 50’s low 60’s (I guess its still a whole lot better than -20 brrrr)

I had a quick information meeting about the AP test (why do they have to give us a new format?! UGHHH), afterwards, my mom and I picked up my younger sister who is in 7th grade and then proceeded to go to menchies (yummm)

Red Velvet - I give it 5 stars!
Red Velvet – I give it 5 stars!

So let me tell you a little issue my school has. It seems as if we cant control the AC so it’s freezing throughout the entire building. I do NOT like being cold, I am not one of those girls that wear a tank top and says “I’m so cold,” so I had a thin trench coat (like jacket kind of thing) on the majority of the day. but then after leaving the school, I took it off because it was super warm and I realized how much I actually like my outfit today! (too bad I had it covered up 😦 i suffered in flats too)


So I don’t remember where I got my jeans but its just a regular pair of light wash jeans, and my top is from H&M. You can some ripped parts on my jeans (it’s a work in progress. I’m distressing them my self). The top 1/3 of my shirt is mesh, as you can see more clearly in photos 1 & 2. My older sister bought it for me and I love it!

Moving onto new things, my family and I went to IKEA (dear lord, their Swedish meatballs are literally to die for!) for the first time in like 3 years and I was super excited, I looked for a set of three cactus and succulent plants that are so popular but I couldn’t find them so I just got two individual ones instead,  I ended up just getting a succulent and a cactus, and they are so cute!


I also did some spring cleaning during spring break 2 weeks ago, and finally had some of my older sister’s things moved to the attic since she’s been at college since the fall. I made it a little bit more of my own room (she still sleeps on the top bunk when she comes homes for visits so a lot of her stuff is still in the room), it kind of sucks when you have to share a room with a sister whose in college bc her college is like 30-45 minutes away…

So with spring, comes major tests. its near the end of the school year, have to go through the AP tests (which I have to start studying for after I upload this – WHOOHOO APUSH yeah! not) and more standardized state testing ALONG with finishing the year with finals.

It has been so nice to catch up, see you next time

(my mom is making dinner right now and it smells incredible)


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