🚲 B I K I N G πŸš²

I went biking today! It was only for like 10 minutes but the sun was out, it was warm, and I was in a better mood (I had a small breakdown afterschool due to a stressful week of school) and even though my younger sister forces me to hold the two poopy bags(my sister was out too, jogging with the dog) and I was super mad at her, I thought posting something on here would make me feel a little better. So please enjoy some pictures I took while biking (lol is there a law against texting and biking? πŸ˜‚) and pictures of my outfit







(oh my god, uploading from my phone web is so hard, it wasn’t letting me select multiple photos at once so I could make a photoset, instead, I had to upload each photo individually.poop) (I wore the same jeans from the last post couple days ago…sorry)


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