Thrift shop find |TOPSHOP

Last week, my mom took my sisters and I to a thrift store/goodwill and we bought some stuff. We tried on jeans, sweatshirts, dresses, tshirts, and some coats. Near the end of the trip, I came across a TOPSHOP lightweight navy blue checked coat/jacket! I hurriedly tried it on whilst my older sister nagged me telling me it wasn’t fair that I found all the best pieces that day and how she’ll pay me $50 for it. It was super good material and it looked barely worn so it was great! So of course I told my sister to go away because I wasn’t about to give it away.

My mom finally got around to washing it couple days ago so I decided to model it today (while my sister took the dog out so she wouldn’t nag me again.) and I took some pictures. I’m on mobile right now and I didn’t feel like uploading the photos individually so I went ahead and put them into 2 collages. Two of the photos have blue on my face, that’s because I didnt look so good in them 😊

PicsArt_06_25_2015 11_41_09

Other than the coat, I also bought some H&M beige/black striped loose shirt, a basic black tshirt (worn in the photos), a black lace dress, and a salmon colored large tshirt (i wear as a tshirt dress to sleep).

6tag_200615-124203 WP_20150622_004 WP_20150623_006sorry for the bathroom selfies. I couldn’t find a salmon tshirt pic but here are the other ones.

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Talk to you guys later!


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