How to save money

I’ve been into fashion for couple years now and clothes and shoes can be expensive, so it’s kind of hard for me to save money because I’m always wanting to spend my money on clothes.

I’ve lucky to get allowances, even if it just recently got upgraded to $5 from the previous $4 (there are 3 of us so $15 is quiet a lot for my parents), because I know my dad works realm hard and my mom works hard in budgeting every week for groceries and other necessities and money isn’t something we can just throw around in my family.

Next summer before my senior year in highschool, I get to travel to Japan by myself to visit our entire family and while I’m there, my grandparents, aunts and other family members are going to take me into the city and let me go shopping! In order to shop, I need money so I’ve changed the way I save up money a little.


1) I have a JAR (like most people I think) where I save money, but inside this jar, I have a little baggie (like a sandwich bag) labeled JAPAN. My allowance is only a mere $5 so I split that into 3 groups. I put $2 in the baggie section, another $2 in the jar (but not in the baggie) and I put the last dollar in my wallet.

So basically if you’re still getting allowances, SPLIT THE MONEY INTO SECTIONS. A spending section (or in my case, a wallet) that gets the least (you want to SAVE money, not spend it), a general savings jar/container, and specific (trip/item/etc) savings. Mind you, how fast you save up depends on the money you earn/get and when you get them.

2) Yes, I am a human, and I sometimes spend money spontaneously on things I really don’t need. It happens. What you do after is important. If I spend $10, then my next two allowances ($5/week) goes straight to my JAPAN and general saving. NONE OF IT GOES TO MY WALLET AS PUNISHMENT. Put the amount you used into the savings.

3) I personally don’t have a debit/credit card yet, but i do have a SAVINGS ACCOUNT (my dad is in charge of it, I cant touch the money until I’m 18). When I save $100 in my general savings jar, I have my dad put that $100 in my account. The JAPAN trip will have many family members giving me money (my older sister came home with over $1000 so hopefully I get the same[ish]) and that will also go into my savings account. The money saved up will be used during my college years. This is basically my college fund…with about $800 currently 😐. (my parents didn’t start a college fund for any of us (3 kids) because they didn’t realize we were going to stay in the US for so long and Japanese colleges/Universities are a whole lot cheaper compared to America).

4) I know some of you are given a Debit card/Credit card during Highschool and its great! Good for you! But you really want to BE CAREFUL with those. Because you don’t see the actual physical dollar bills, you can have a tendency to over use the card. I realize there are apps where you can see the balance but still. You want to USE CASH. This way, you’re more likely to THINK TWICE ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE BUYING. My mom never uses debit/credit cards and it probably has saved us a lot of money. Using cash LIMITS what you can buy. (This probably isn’t too good for her credit value or whatever but my dad uses his credit card/debit card for most everything sooo….)

I hope this helps πŸ™‚ I recently went shopping and so my next couple allowances wont go to my wallet πŸ˜‚ oh well *shrugs*. I’ve been thing more about saving money now that i have one year left to save as much as i can for my trip to Japan.


It’s a lovely day to read more blogs πŸ˜‰


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