How-to: 5 ways you can spend time with your family

My family and I are really close. And we do many things together, so I thought I would just share a few so you can try them out with your family 😊

1. GO BLUEBERRY PICKING. We go couple times every summer in the morning before the heat. And depending on where you guys live, it doesn’t even have to be blueberries, it could be any kind of fruits.
2. CAMPING. When we lived in Seattle, we used to go almost every weekend, it was so much fun. Nowadays, we don’t go that often but we still have so much fun driving up to Michigan and camping. (We actually have a week long trip planned for next Saturday)
3. GAME OF LIFE. We have a Japanese version of it and we play it especially during the winter holidays. We get competitive 😂 It can be any other type of game board too! Like scrabble, monopoly, etc.
4. DRIVE. Sometimes we all just get in the car and put the radio on (or put a CD in) and we literally just drive around. Living where I live, its pretty easy to get out of the suburb and into a country side or something. We would take random turns and just talk, we’re rarely on our phones during these. We talk about our childhoods, memories, future plans. It’s a great chill time.
5. Most obvious. MOVIE TIME! We would just get a movie from our own DVD pile or the public library or the REDBOX and watch a movie(s) together in the living room while munching on some chips and drinking soda.
If you have any other ideas, comment them down below! Hope this gave some ideas on what you can do with that lovely family of yours!


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