How-to: Road Trip Essentials

Road trips can be super tiring but with the right people, music, snacks, and belongings, it can be super fun!

When going on a long road trip, the most important thing to have with you is good people. (All my road trips are with my family and we’re super tight) You’ll be spending hours in the same cramped car, and you’re not going to want to just sulk and stare out the window while everyone else is having fun. So gather your friends and family!

Okay, now that you have good company, the next thing you want to do is, get good music. There are going to be many hours spent in the car, so whether you’re using headphones or sharing your music with everybody else, you want the road trip vibe. I dont know what kind of road trip you’re going to take, but if you know you wont have Wi-Fi or data connection, make sure you take CDs, or do what I do and bring that old iPod nano out of the dusty box in the attic! Once you have music, you can play games too! Have one person listen and hum a song, while s/he does that, the others have to try and guess the artist and title of the song! (My sisters and I get super competitive) If you do have Wi-Fi, you can go check out my sister’s summer playlist here!

The snacks are another essential. Though you’ll be tempted to eat a whole bunch of junk food, try sticking to healthier snacks; for example: Trail mix,  fresh fruits/veggies (I love baby tomatoes on the road!), nuts/seeds, yogurt and don’t forget drinks to stay hydrated! Choose drinks low in sugar-or only take water! Maybe you can splurge at a rest area vending machine but wait! Make sure you don’t waste all the hard work you made so far! (link to more examples of healthy snacks–Here)

Other miscellaneous things

  • phone/iPod charger
  • comfy, but cute clothes (you’ll be taking lots of photos!)
  • sunscreen! bug spray!
  • hand towel, whether its for after washing your face at a rest area, or wiping your feet after a quick splash in the water, it’d be super useful
  • plastic bags-you’ll consume a lot of food and end up with a lot of garbage, throw bags out at gas stations or rest areas

All these are from personal experiences, my family goes on 10+ hour car drives to a campsite during the summers and when we lived in Seattle, we went camping basically every weekend.


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